The Chatham House Africa Programme informs international policy related to Angola and analyses current and emerging trends in the country's politics and international relations.

The programme has established itself as a globally influential centre for independent policy research on Angola. Through publications and events in London and Luanda, the Africa Programme offers a unique forum for individuals, organizations and companies to exchange views from the spectrum of Angolan business, politics, academia and civil society.

Chatham House and Angola

Founded in 1998, the Angola Forum at Chatham House - formerly known as the British Angola Forum (BAF) - was one of the first centres of expertise on Angolan affairs and international relations. The aim of the forum was to bringing together organizations, companies and individuals in Europe seeking to better understand the politics of Angola and its international engagements. The forum was one of the first non-Lusophone initiatives to critically engage with this complex and challenging country.

The Africa Programme continues on this seminal work with an annual Angola Forum conference, and publications and meetings throughout the year.

Angola is increasingly significant internationally, with major oil reserves and clear regional influence. But it contends with corresponding challenges of weak governance, corruption, human rights violations, and unpredictable foreign policy interventions. As Angola moves further into its post-conflict transition with an ambitious regional and international outlook, it is of great importance that engagements are grounded in sound information and analysis.

The Africa Programme continues to devote a great deal of its resources to research on Angola. In September 2014, José Filomeno dos Santos, chairman of the Board of Directors of Angola’s Fundo Soberano de Angola (FSDEA) gave a keynote address at the Chatham House Africa Programme conference Africa's Sovereign Wealth Funds: Demand, Development and Delivery. The programme also hosted Angola’s minister of mining and geology, HE Manuel Francisco QueirózDr Maria Ângela Bragança, secretary of state for cooperation at the Angolan Ministry of External Relations, and Minister of Justice HE Dr Rui Carneiro Mangueira.

The Africa Programme also provides administrative and research support for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Angola.

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