East Africa is an increasingly important region, which has largely managed to buck the trend of low growth that has affected some of the continent’s largest economies.

Nevertheless, the region faces a diverse range of challenges, including rising state authoritarianism, the management of recent oil and gas discoveries, diversifying heavily agriculture- and commodity-dependent economies, and growth that is not benefitting the poorest in society.

By conducting original research, convening a growing network of experts, and bringing together senior representatives from a variety of sectors, the Africa Programme supports informed decision-making and engagement on Central and East Africa.

Our East Africa work focuses on inclusive development in Kenya – with ongoing research into gender-responsive budgeting at the county level – and on Tanzania’s apparent re-orientation towards the developmental state model of Rwanda and Ethiopia. An Africa Programme report assessed prospects for the scaling-up of African businesses including in Uganda, and the need for developing a shared understanding of the policy responses required to create the volume of jobs needed to make economic growth sustainable and equitable.

Our work on the DRC is conducted in parallel to, and feeds into, our thematic projects on Peace and Security, which examines conflict and instability in the Great Lakes region, and Extractive Resources and Governance which focuses on revenue management and poverty reduction.  In 2018, the project focus is on the DRC’s current political impasse and the difficult path to elections. 

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