Prospects for economic growth remain strong in much of sub-Saharan Africa.

Domestic private sector activity is expanding and companies around the world are seeking to make the most of the opportunities that African economies offer. The Africa Programme has extended its network of expertise to track the impacts of the economic growth in Africa, and the surge in interest, including its transformative potential and political and socio-economic consequences. The programme examines the degree to which an environment of transparency and accountability, with respect for the rule of law, is being fostered, as well as the development of natural resources across Africa and the expansion of African business.

As part of this project, the programme holds regular events and roundtable meetings and has been carrying out policy-focused research and analysis on the regional and global integration of African markets. Our work continues to examine prospects for rapid growth and strategies to address the governance and institutional challenges that hinder development, and produce policy recommendations for local, national and regional approaches to combating obstacles to inclusive growth.

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