Since 2003, the Chatham House Africa Programme has informed the international debate on the extractives industry in Africa.

The programme’s research focuses on revenue management, transparency of the extractive sector, and the linkages for poverty reduction in resource rich countries.

The Africa Programme has built strong expertise and led several research projects focused in the established oil exporters in the Gulf of Guinea region, from Angola to Guinea.

In 2013 the programme published the seminal work on crude oil theft in Nigeria and international options to stem the trade in stolen crude.

A report on Oil in Uganda analysed international lessons for success in developing and managing the resource, while research on the impact of Asian National Oil Companies in Angola and Nigeria culminated in the report, Thirst for African Oil published in 2009. This report is also available in Chinese and Portuguese.

The Africa Programme has extended its network of expertise to cover the new oil frontiers in East Africa, and in 2017 hosted HE Letícia Deusina da Silva Klemens, then Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique.

The Programme hosts the ‘Diamond Dialogue’ series, in partnership with De Beers. Past events have focussed on supply chain regulatory initiatives, beneficiation, and anti-money laundering.

Through research and events, the Programme maintains a focus on key issues and debates within the mining industry, including the relationship between companies and communities. A conference in Botswana examined the connection between natural resources and society, and the programme has hosted discussions on mining and human rights in Eritrea and Zimbabwe

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