Interrelationship of UK and EU Foreign Policy: Costs and Benefits

This project aims to highlight the costs and benefits of EU membership for the UK’s role in the world and the implications of the decision to leave the EU for the UK’s alliances and strategic partnerships, standing in other international organisations, soft power and national security.

It addresses a series of questions highly relevant to the debate on the UK’s future relationship with the EU: 

  • What impact, if any, would leaving the EU have on the UK's foreign relations and standing within international multilateral organisations?
  • What would be the costs/benefits for the EU and its member states of a UK withdrawal or renegotiated relationship with the EU’s foreign, security and defence policies?
  • And how might policy makers, practitioners, the media and public make sense of this challenge and navigate the associated issues?

This project is led by Professor Richard Whitman, and is in partnership with the European Social and Research Council.


Professor Richard G Whitman

Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
+44 7951 541 890

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