Global Economy and Finance at Chatham House produces policy-oriented research and analysis of the challenges facing the 21st century global economy.


Chatham House strives to be at the forefront of public debate on international economic issues by anticipating emerging themes and producing research that contributes to the policy process as it happens.

Global Economy and Finance maintains links with policy-makers and researchers around the globe to ensure that independent analysis of global economic issues translates into practical and timely policy insight on the challenges facing the world economy today.

Global Economy and Finance frequently holds private briefings with policy- makers, business leaders, policy officials and international authorities.

Research seminars and workshops are an integral part of the Chatham House research process, bringing together the work of leading scholars, national and international policy-makers and representatives from the corporate sectors.

Recent projects and initiatives have focused on the role of the G20 in the global economy, European economic governance, evolution of the international monetary system, China’s RMB internationalization strategy and capital account liberalization, economic policy coordination in the new post-crisis environment, and international competitiveness and growth.

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