Towards Inclusive Policy Coordination: Turkey's G20 Presidency in 2015 (2014-2015)

The purpose of this project is to engage with Turkey’s G20 team ahead of the presidency in 2015 to provide them with recommendations to steer and further advance Turkey’s G20 agenda on inclusive G20 governance.

The project focuses on the spill-over effects of macroeconomic policy decisions of developed countries on emerging countries. The point of departure is the growing significance of emerging markets and interdependencies in global production relationships that require greater policy coordination amongst G20 countries. 

The project includes consultations with stakeholders and research workshops to be organized both in London and in Turkey. The International Economics team will engage with Turkey’s G20 team and feed into their discussion ahead of taking over the G20 presidency for 2015. Research papers and policy recommendations will be presented and disseminated to the public and the project stakeholders (officials, media, business people, civil society, G20 officials, academics) ahead of Turkey’s G20 presidency in 2015. 

The project is developed in partnership with the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV). The contribution of the FCO through the Global Prosperity Fund is kindly acknowledged.