This project on the Gulf aims to provide in-depth analysis of the political dynamics in this fast-changing region of vital strategic importance.

The MENA Programme research seeks to anticipate future scenarios for the political and economic development of the Gulf Cooperation Council states and promote a deeper understanding of the dynamics of unrest across the Persian Gulf, including regional tensions over Iran, Iraq’s security crisis and Yemen’s long-term political instability.

This ongoing research project on the Future Trends in the GCC has developed an open and expanding network of young researchers and commentators from the GCC countries to generate fresh thinking on policy, with a focus on ways to minimise the risk of violent conflict and broadening the range of ideas available to policy-makers. Through workshops, extensive field research and high-level briefings, the  project provides analysis on a variety of themes, including around issues of citizenship, political and economic development, regional tensions and foreign policy, internal community relations and the role of political Islam.

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