The Leadership Programme is a key part of the Academy fellowships.

Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme provides Academy fellows with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, network and self-awareness which they can then draw upon in their future careers as effective leaders in their field. The programme encompasses the following components.

The Academy fellowships begin with an intensive five-day induction week at Chatham House. The induction sets out the Academy’s expectations of fellows, gives insights into the work and structure of Chatham House, and serves as an introduction to conducting and writing research for policy-makers. The new Academy fellows also become familiarized with the elements of the fellowships and the Leadership Programme, meet their host research programme, have their first personal development coaching session and get the opportunity to network with peers from other UK-based fellowships. Download the 2015 induction schedule.

Academy fellows participate in weekly discussion seminars with leading practitioners from Chatham House and externally in the public, corporate, media and non-profit sectors. Over the course of a fellowship, these sessions highlight the principal substantive and skills-based areas the Academy believes vital for informed and effective international leadership. These sessions are extremely participatory. Fellows are provided with background readings and are expected to contribute to and learn from one another’s experience in these seminars. Download the weekly discussion seminars for 2014-15.

The Global Introductions series gives fellows the opportunity to see and compare how different institutions perceive and respond to today’s major global issues and what they see as future challenges. These half-day visits take place approximately every two months and allow fellows to meet with leaders and senior decision-makers from a variety of sectors. Global Introductions are integrated with the weekly discussion seminar series and give fellows insights into real-world policy-making. Previous visits have included the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development, Standard Chartered, and Thomson Reuters. Download a sample itinerary.

Every two months fellows participate in half-day workshops focusing on specific aspects of leadership. These give fellows the opportunity to understand better their own leadership qualities and equip them with the self-awareness and skills needed to become more effective leaders. Previous topics have included ‘Leadership in a new role’, ‘Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship’ and ‘Communicating as an emotionally intelligent leader’. Download a sample workshop outline.

At least twice in their fellowship Academy fellows present updates on their research projects in a seminar format to their fellowship cohort. Fellows and Chatham House researchers from a variety of research areas use these seminars to provide presenters with feedback, advice and support. The sessions help develop fellows’ presentation skills, provide a valuable forum for peer-review and help fellows to think about and analyse issues outside their own area of expertise.

Fellows join the Academy seeking to grow their self-awareness as well as their skills and knowledge. Through monthly one-on-one sessions with a dedicated coach, fellows set personal development objectives which they work to meet during their fellowship and beyond. These tailored coaching sessions are confidential and give fellows the time and tools to help improve their effectiveness and impact as current or future leaders. 

Media training is provided for all fellows by practicing professionals from broadcasters such as the BBC. Fellows learn how to interview effectively on television and radio, culminating in a mock interview from which they receive feedback on their presentation style and any areas of improvement.

Academy fellows will have priority in participating in the ‘Leaders Who Lunch’ series giving them the opportunity to discuss leadership experiences and lessons in an informal setting with acknowledged leaders from government, business, media and the non-profit sectors. Fellows can use these sessions to explore different career avenues and trajectories, gain from current leaders’ personal insights and discuss with them successes and challenges they have faced.

The Academy gives fellows the option to have an external career mentor during their fellowship. Mentors are independent of the Academy and Chatham House and are picked individually for each fellow based on their career objectives. Through approximately bi-monthly informal meetings fellows can discuss future opportunities and challenges, assess career decisions from new angles, and explore what paths their career could take. 

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