Coal: An Answer to Energy Insecurity?

1 June 2009 - 12:00am to 2 June 2009 - 12:00am

Chatham House, London



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The role of coal in the global energy mix is increasing and it is expected to retain a dominant position. However, will this definitely be the case? What steps are being taken to create the appropriate policy conditions for cleaner coal? What are the opportunities and challenges which lie ahead for the coal industry?

Our conference will provide a unique opportunity to bring together the key international policymakers, commercial leaders, investors and financiers involved in the energy debate to discuss the political drivers; examine their perspectives on current market trends and identify the factors which will determine the industry's future.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Changing Technologies: Opportunities and barriers for coal
  • The future of carbon capture and storage
  • Creating the policy framework
  • Interface between climate security and energy security

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Monday 1 June 2009

Session One
Emerging Trends

  • Coal is expected to remain a dominant source of energy, and its contribution to the global energy mix is increasing. Does this have to be the case and, if so, to what degree?
  • Views on the potential future for coal

Chair Dr Robin Niblett
Chatham House

09.30 Opening remarks from the Chair

Opening keynote addresses
Mike O'Brien MP (on the record, Q and A off the record)
Minister of State
Department of Energy and Climate Change

Nobuo Tanaka (on the record)
Executive Director
International Energy Agency

Chair Bernice Lee
Research Director for Energy, Environment and Resource Governance
Chatham House

An outlook for coal usage and today's best practice
Dr John Topper
International Energy Agency Clean Coal Centre

Less reliance on coal
Stephan Singer
Director Global Energy Policy

11.15 Questions and discussion

11.35 Refreshments

Session Two
Changing Technologies: Opportunities and barriers for coal in the 21st century

  • How widely can best practice be globally replicated?
  • What improvements can be achieved by better operation and maintenance and introduction of best-available technologies?
  • What are the obstacles to achieving these 'market improvements'?
  • The front end
    o Mining
    o Transport - How much coal in Europe is imported?
    o Washing and processing
  • Efficiency improvements
    o Pre-combustion
    o Post-combustion
  • Opportunities to improve the coal cycle

Chair Gerard McCloskey
The McCloskey Group

11.50 Derek Taylor
Former Adviser to the Director General for Energy and Transport
European Commission

Petr Pudil
Chairman and CEO, Czech Coal and
President, Euracoal

Dr Franz Bauer
Head of Fossil-fired Power Plants

12.50 Questions and discussion

13.15 Lunch

Session Three
Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Although the commercial use of carbon capture and storage is still some way off, what mechanisms are needed to demonstrate its economic, environmental and technical viability and how are they being introduced?
  • What are the further barriers to technological diffusion?

Chair Derek Taylor
Former Adviser to the Director General for Energy and Transport
European Commission

14.15 The status of technology
Dr Jon Gibbins
Senior Lecturer
Imperial College London

Financing strategies
Chris Davies MEP
Liberal Democrat spokesman, environment and public health

Scaling up and the infrastructures needed
Simon Brooks
Vice President and Member of the Management Committee
European Investment Bank

Proferssor R Stuart Haszeldine
Professor of Sedimentary Geology
University of Edinburgh

15.15 Questions and discussion

16.00 Refreshments

Session Four
Determining the Priorities for Stimulating Cleaner Coal

  • Which are the key issues to be resolved, without which business as usual will prevail?
  • How globally applicable are they?
  • What are the barriers to their introduction?

16.30 Panel discussion

Chair Antony Froggatt
Senior Research Fellow
Chatham House

Panellists Tom Burke
Chief Adviser - Environmental Policy
Rio Tinto

Dr Jim Watson
Director of the Sussex Energy Group
Science and Technology Policy Research

Dr Paul Zakkour
Independent Consultant

17.30 End of Day One and reception

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Session Five
Creating the Policy Framework

Creating the enabling policy conditions for cleaner coal is essential if it is to be widely used. This is an economic consideration - relating to the carbon price - and also requires both the appropriate regulatory framework and adequate public and private systems for stimulating innovation.

  • The economics of cleaner coal
  • Stimulating innovation
  • The role of regulation
  • Technological diffusion, refurbishment and new build

Chair Dimitri Zhenghelis
Associate Fellow
Chatham House

09.30 Sara Vaughan
Director of Regulation and Energy Policy

Professor Jim Skea OBE
Research Director
United Kingdom Energy Research Centre

Dr Michael Stanley
Sector Lead, Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Unit
The World Bank Group

Debbie Stockwell
Head of International Technology Projects
Department of Energy and Climate Change

10.30 Questions and discussion

11.00 Refreshments

Session Six
The Interface between Climate Security and Energy Security

Energy policy has two main drivers: energy security and climate security. For some supply and all demand options, they address both issues equally. However, this is not the case with coal, with or without CCS.

  • The climate perspective
  • The security of supply perspective

11.30 Moderated international panel discussion

Chair Dr William Blyth
Associate Fellow
Chatham House

Dr Janet Xuanli Liao
Lecturer in international relations and energy security
Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee

Professor TL Sankar
Honorary Visiting Professor
Administrative Staff College of India
Former Chairman, Expert Committee, Ministry of Coal, India

Stuart Dalton
Director, Generation
Electric Power Research Institute

Dr Gary Kendall
Director of Climate Change Programs
SustainAbility Ltd

12.45 Lunch

Session Seven
What Does the Future Hold for Coal ?

13.45 Moderated panel discussion

Chair Roger Harrabin
Environment Analyst

David Brewer
Director General
Confederation of UK Coal Producers

Michael Hogan
Programme Director for Power
European Climate Foundation

David Porter OBE
Association of Electricity Producers

15.00 End of conference