European Defence and Security 2011

Collaboration, Coordination and Competition in Defence Acquisition

24 Jan 2011 - 00:00 to 26 Jan 2011 - 00:00

Chatham House, London

This conference, the latest in Chatham House's Annual Security and Defence Conference Series, will examine the role of research, technology and acquisition within European defence and security relationships.

Looking at current trends in spending and acquisition processes globally, this conference will assess whether there is a 'European' model, and how existing models might be adapted to serve European security and defence objectives. It will explore and suggest how R&D and R&T can be used more effectively by European governments and industry to deliver equipment projects and military effect at a time when national investment in defence spending and new acquisitions is likely to decrease.

Speakers from governments in the UK, EU and further afield, military practitioners and industry specialists will discuss the future of R&T and R&D in supporting cooperation in defence and security and the necessity of keeping pace with emerging markets and industries.

  • Amitav Acharya

    • Professor of International Relations
  • Alberto de Benedictis

    • Chief Executive Officer
  • Erwin Bernhard

    • Director, Research and Technology
  • Steven Bowns

    • Director
  • Christian Bréant

    • Research and Technology Director
  • Dr Kerry Brown

    • Associate Fellow
  • Dr Roger Cliff

    • Senior Political Scientist
  • Professor Paul Cornish

    • Carrington Professor in International Security and
  • John J Dowdy

    • Head, Global Defence and Security
  • Simon Jewell

    • Managing Director, Strategic Capability Solutions
  • Roy Levy

    • Consultant, Defense Industrial Initiatives Group
  • Rear Admiral Archer M Macy Jr

    • Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization
  • Alessandro Pansa

    • Chief Financial Officer and Co-General Manager
  • Hans Pung

    • Vice-President
  • Judith Rawle

    • Technical Director, CORDA
  • Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC

    • First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
  • Rear Admiral (retd) Rees G J Ward CB

    • Chief Executive Officer
  • Professor Mark Welland FRS

    • Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Nick Witney

    • Senior Policy Fellow

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Monday 24 January 2011

Session One
Defence and Security R&T

  • The significance of defence R&T from the policy perspective
  • The processes by which defence R&T is encouraged and managed
  • It is now established wisdom that defence practitioners should be closely involved in the research and development of weapon systems and equipment. But what contribution can (or should) practitioners make to defence research and technology?
  • Is defence R&T a distraction - both financially and in policy terms - from more pressing, short-term needs?

Chair Dr Paul Cornish
Carrington Chair in International Security and
Head, International Security Programme, Chatham House

Opening remarks and overview by the Chair

Keynote Speakers
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope (on the record)
First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, United Kingdom

Rear Admiral Archer M Macy Jr
Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization
Deputy Director for Chairman's Controlled Activity, J-8, The Joint Staff, USA

10.30 Questions and discussion

11.00 Refreshments

Session Two
Defence R&T in Europe: Technology push

  • What scope is there for technology led approaches to security and defence R&T?
  • How can the value of technology be measured with a view to shaping the overall direction of defence technology in Europe?
  • Is the pull through of civil technology and technology insertion into older equipments feasible?
  • What has been accomplished already?
  • What is distinctive about R&T in the United Kingdom; what are the successes and failures?

Chair Steven Bowns
Technology Futures Ltd

Erwin Bernhard
Director, Research and Technology
Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany

Alberto de Benedictis
Chief Executive Officer
Finmeccanica UK Ltd

John Dowdy
Head, Global Defence and Security
McKinsey & Co

Christian Bréant
R&T Director
European Defence Agency

12.25 Questions and discussion

13.00 Lunch

Session Three
The Potential of China and India as a Military Power

  • What are the implications of the changing balance of military power? What does this mean for exports and for industry?
  • What is China's current security and defence related research capacity?
  • Who are the dominant domestic players and what are their strategies for the future?
  • Are China and India likely to export more readily, restrict some technologies, focus on what they are good at or fill the gaps?
  • What are the crucial future military technologies - sourced from, where, for whom?

Chair Dr Kerry Brown
Senior Fellow
Chatham House

14.00 Remarks from the chair

Roger Cliff
Senior Political Scientist
RAND Corporation

Amitav Acharya
Professor of International Relations and Chair, ASEAN Studies Center, American University, and Senior Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

14.40 Questions and discussion

15.00 Refreshments

Session Four
Operational Perspective

  • Organizational and operational capacity - can the EU do what it needs to do to meet its own security goals?
  • How much regional and global ambition should the EU have? Are there functional areas in which the EU should specialize?
  • Interoperability: Are 'effects-based operations' possible under the circumstances of a technology gap?
  • Can political and fiscal constraints upon and military expectations of the evolving European security and defence structure ever be reconciled?

Chair Dr Paul Cornish

15.30 Remarks from the Chair

Rear Admiral Charles-Edouard de Coriolis
French Military Mission to the United Kingdom

Lieutenant General Richard Applegate CB OBE (retd)

Gen Sir Jack Deverell (retd)

16.40 Discussion

17:00 End of Day One and drinks reception hosted by Chatham House

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Session Five
Industrial Perspectives

  • What are the merits and dynamics of the EU defence industrial policy in the context of current security and defence needs?
  • What can the industry do to turn innovation into application and, ultimately, into a fielded weapon system or equipment?
  • Where R&T is concerned, what are industry's expectations of government?
  • From industry's point of view, what is possible, and what are the benefits of getting it right, in terms of equipment quality?
  • Ensuring consistency of R&T funding: how can the policy / industry dialogue be improved?

Chair Nick Witney
Senior Policy Fellow
European Council on Foreign Relations

09.30 Remarks from the chair

Hans Pung
Director, Defence and Security
RAND Europe

Simon Jewell
Managing Director of Strategic Capability Solutions
BAE Systems

10.10 Moderated discussion

10.40 Refreshments

Session Six
Looking Ahead: Playing the Long Game

  • Are military and defence practitioners necessarily more concerned with urgent or short-term operational requirements?
  • What do the trends in basic science spending tell us about the future defence capacity of a nation?
  • The changing policy context: what is the impact on cross boundary collaboration of policies set at a national level?
  • As science research is of necessity a diverse and independent activity, how can security and defence-relevant 'blue-skies research' be funded and managed?

Chair Alessandro Pansa
Chief Financial Officer and Co-General Manager
Finmeccanica SpA

Judith Rawle
Technical Director, CORDA
Strategic Capability Solutions, BAE Systems

Rear Admiral (retd) Rees G J Ward CB
Chief Executive Officer
Aerospace, Defence and Security

Roy Levy
Consultant, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group
Center for Strategic and International Studies

12.05 Questions and discussion

12.35 Closing Keynote address
Professor Mark Welland FRS FREng
Chief Scientific Adviser
UK Ministry of Defence

13.05 End of conference and lunch

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This annual Defence & Security conference will offer a unique opportunity to network with senior officials from businesses, government and academic institutions. Previously, the following organizations were represented:

BAE Systems
Boeing Defence UK Ltd
Boeing UK
Booz & Co
Booz Allen Hamilton
BT Group plc
Cabinet Office
Centre for European Reform
Council of the European Union
CRA International
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Department for International Development
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS)
Fujitsu Defence & Security
General Dynamics UK Ltd
Good Governance Group (G3)
Higginson Associates Ltd
HM Treasury
House of Commons
International SOS
Italian Institute of International Affairs
King's College London: Department of War Studies
Lockheed Martin UK Ltd
London School of Economics
Ministry of Defence, UK
Ministry of Defence (Romanian Land Forces)
MKS Systems Ltd
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Norwegian Parliament
Paradigm Secure Communications
Rockwell Collins
Royal Bank of Scotland
Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies (RUSI)
Saab AB
Selex Galileo Ltd
SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems (SELEX S&AS)
Swedish Agency for Non-Profileration and Export Controls
Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV)
Thales UK
The Officer's Association
Total Holdings UK Limited
Transparency International (UK)
Vega Consulting Services Ltd.
Warburg Pincus International LLC
Windsor Partners