Chatham House’s directors and staff were saddened to hear of the death last weekend of Denis Healey, UK defence secretary (1964-70) and chancellor of the exchequer (1974-79). Lord Healey was a member of the institute’s Council between 1948 and 1960 and a frequent visitor and speaker. 

Healey, a ‘giant’ of the British Labour movement, was vocal in his opposition to the UK’s action in Egypt over Suez who, later, as defence secretary, oversaw the withdrawal of British troops from East of Suez. As chancellor he battled to keep the UK solvent and was shadow foreign secretary for much of the 1980s.

A selection of Denis Healey’s speeches and articles is available from Chatham House’s archives, including a 1956 discussion on 'Suez, the Arab World and the West'; a 1962 International Affairs article entitled 'The Crisis in Europe' which highlights his concerns over the Berlin crisis and prospective British membership of the European Common Market; a 1967 speech on British defence policy; and a 1982 speech on Labour’s foreign policy. 

Speeches and Articles

Suez, the Arab World and the West
Members Event, 9 October 1956

The Crisis in Europe
International Affairs Volume 38, Issue 2, 1962

British Defence Policy
Speech, 13 March 1967

A Labour Foreign Policy
Speech, 7 December 1982