Technical University of Munich
Robert Schmucker


Professor Dr Robert Schmucker has taught at the Technical University of Munich since 1971 and has been involved with rockets, missiles and space travel for more than six decades. Since 1992 he has managed the consulting firm Schmucker Technologie, whose main focus is on political–military analyses for national and international organizations on threats and security as well as missile programmes and missile proliferation, especially with respect to Iran and North Korea. From 1994 to 1998, he served on various missions as UN inspector in Iraq. From 1975 onwards he was Head of Research at the German Aerospace Establishment Institute in Lampoldshausen/Trauen and then spent 15 years in the rocket and missile industry, most recently as Head of Development. He was awarded the VDI ring of honour by the German Society of Engineers as well as the AIAA Solid Propulsion Award, and he is a recipient of the Bavarian Order of Merit. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.