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A 21st Century Battleground: The Challenges of Cyber Defence

6 June 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Chatham House, London


Alexandra Kulikova, Consultant, PIR Center
Ewan Lawson, Senior Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
Dr Tim Stevens, Lecturer in Global Security, King’s College London
Chair: Emily Taylor, Associate Fellow, International Security, Chatham House



Cybersecurity and cyber deterrence are issues that cut across politics and law on security, privacy, freedom of expression and human rights. Recent examples of cyberattacks range from the WikiLeaks disclosure of CIA material, to the alleged Russian-sponsored activity during the US and French presidential elections and the ransomware attack on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

The panel will discuss the complexities of cyber defence on a national security level. A nation-state’s ability to successfully deter cyberattacks on infrastructure services, government institutions and businesses is complicated by the extreme difficulty of attributing responsibility on the internet. In the face of unclear adversaries, how do different governments and security agencies deal with these attacks and build up their defence capabilities?