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Achieving Greater Businesses of Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa: Job Creation, Innovation and Industrialization

Chatham House, London

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Ian Attfield, Senior Education Advisor, Department for International Development

Stav Bar-Shany, Strategy Advisor, Africa Technology Business Network

Steve Dimitriyev, Lead Private Sector Development Specialist, World Bank

Yvonne Ike, Managing Director and Head, Sub-Saharan Africa (Ex-RSA), Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Chibamba Lopa, Investment Executive, Zambia, GroFin

Marco Marchese, Policy Analyst, LEED Programme, OECD

Rob Moss, Director, BioteQ

Ben Shepherd, Consulting Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House

Henry Thompson, Project Consultant, Africa Programme, Chatham House

Alex Vines, Research Director, Area Studies and International Law; Head, Africa Programme, Chatham House

Anthe Vrijlandt, Europe Liaison Manager, TradeMark East Africa

Chair: Murray Grant, Managing Director, Intermediated Equity, CDC Group

Chair: Gita Honwana Welch, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House


Private sector expansion is critical to achieving the job creation required for countries in sub-Saharan Africa to prosper and become significant sources of global consumption and production. However, supporting the growth of businesses requires a range of structural changes and policies such as better access to finance, improved transport infrastructure and increased productivity that can help achieve economies of scale at a firm and industry level.

This roundtable discussion will examine prospects for the scaling-up of businesses in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia and the need to develop a shared understanding of the policy responses required in these countries to create the volume of jobs needed to make economic growth sustainable and equitable.

This event is supported by CDC Group.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.