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Behind the Label: Companies, Supply Chains and Human Rights

Chatham House, London


Giles Bolton, Responsible Sourcing Director, Tesco
Rocio Paniagua, Senior Legal Adviser, International Bar Association
Erinch Sahan, Head of Private Sector Team, Oxfam
Chair: Monique Villa, CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation


While large companies are used to being scrutinized over ethical standards, in increasingly globalized supply chains, companies can be now be held accountable for ethical violations committed by suppliers, regardless of their complicity. Both legal regulations and consumer power are putting pressure on companies to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and that there are no labour abuses throughout their operations.

This event, held in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, will discuss what companies are doing to monitor and support their suppliers in this regard. Our panel will analyze the challenges faced by large companies - who potentially have thousands of different, independent suppliers - in complying with regulations, while also ensuring low costs for consumers and acceptable returns for shareholders.