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A Brave New World: How the Internet Affects Societies

Chatham House, London

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Opening Remarks:
Professor Dr Erik Huizer, Chief Technology Officer SURFnet; Research Associate, University of Utrecht; Internet Hall of Fame Inductee

Panel Discussion:
Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority
James Arroyo OBE, Director, The Ditchley Foundation
Dr Unoma Ndii Okorafor, Founder & CEO, WAAW Foundation; Co-Founder & CEO, Radicube Technologies
Rebecca MacKinnon, Director, Ranking Digital Rights, New America


In a little more than a generation, the internet has transformed ways of communicating, transacting and accessing knowledge. For the earliest adapters, the internet promised a new home of the mind, and offered new possibilities for addressing the challenges facing the world. Yet, mounting concerns over the impacts of globalization, rising social and cultural divisions, and the spread of false or misleading information online all raise uncomfortable and pressing questions: is the internet eliminating divisions in society or is it accentuating them?

Jointly hosted by the International Security Department at Chatham House and the Internet Society, this event will bring together internet experts, industry influencers, senior government officials and opinion-formers to consider some of the most challenging questions relating to the impact of the internet on society: will the internet of the future be a force for social cohesion or will it contribute to the fragmentation of the public sphere?

This event will be held on the record and video-streamed in front of an audience.