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Cameroon's Anglophone Regions: Crisis and Responses

Chatham House, London


Dr Richard Moncrieff, Central Africa Project Director, International Crisis Group


The English-speaking southwest and northwest regions of Cameroon have been in crisis since November 2016, when a series of protests erupted over longstanding grievances linked to perceived economic and political marginalization by the Francophone-dominated central government. Unresolved questions of national identity persist, highlighting divisions over state structures and service delivery. The situation has been aggravated by the government’s heavy-handed response, with the banning of activist groups and imprisonment of hundreds of protestors and community leaders.

Dr Richard Moncrieff, International Crisis Group’s Central Africa Director, will examine the situation and discuss the steps Cameroon’s government can take to more effectively address it, the prospects of it doing so, and the role regional and international actors can play in helping to resolve the crisis.

Please note, there is limited space at this event.