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Carrington Series: Trident Renewal and Continuous-at-Sea Deterrence

Chatham House, London

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Paul Ingram, Executive Director, British American Security Information Council (BASIC)
Alyson Bailes, Commissioner, BASIC Trident Commission
Martin Rees, Commissioner, BASIC Trident Commission
Nick Ritchie, Lecturer, University of York
Heather Williams, MacArthur Fellow, Centre for Science and Security Studies
Patricia Lewis, Research Director, International Security, Chatham House
Chair: Trevor McCrisken, Chair of the Board, BASIC


This event will explore different attitudes towards nuclear deterrence in the UK, specifically concerning the posture of continuous-at-sea deterrence (CASD), and in light of the Trident commission’s concluding report published by the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) in July 2014. The event will consist of short presentations from commission members and expert speakers followed by a roundtable discussion. 

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

The Chatham House Rule

To enable as open a debate as possible, this event will be held under the Chatham House Rule.