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The Challenge of Innovation in an Era of Populism and Economic Nationalism

20 April 2018 - 10:15am to 6:15pm
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Chatham House, London


Matthew Goodwin, Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
Sota Kato, Executive Director for Policy Research, The Tokyo Foundation
Toshiyuki Shiga, Chairman and CEO, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan; Member, Board of Directors, Nissan Motor Co.
Kristin Surak, Senior Lecturer in Japanese Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies



Populist and nationalist pressures in Europe and the US are calling into question some of the core assumptions underpinning globalization and the integrative elements of international trade and finance. In response, a number of national governments, including Japan, have reinforced their commitment to international institutions and stressed the mutual benefits of maintaining an open global economy.

In partnership with the Japan Economic Foundation, this roundtable will explore how policy innovation in trade, social and welfare policy, and the technical changes associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are helping to offset some of the negative effects of rising economic nationalism.

It will consider the resilience of free trade initiatives in Europe, Asia and North America and the sustainability of traditional mass employment in advanced economies in the face of technical change. It will also consider how best individual economies can respond to major demographic challenges - both ageing and migration - in developing appropriate social welfare policies. It will also explore the role of entrepreneurship and technical innovation in fostering long-term growth and rising productivity in advanced economies.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

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