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Chatham House Forum: Is Transparency Good for Democracy?

5 June 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Chatham House, London


Ivan Krastev, Chair, Center for Liberal Strategies Sofia; Author, In Mistrust We Trust: Can Democracy Survive When We Don't Trust Our Leaders?



It is often treated as fact that transparency is a good thing for democracy - the more transparent a country’s government and public institutions, the more readily they are subjected to public scrutiny, and so the more trust a population will place in its democratic systems. Yet, in the age of social media, Freedom of Information Acts, broadcasting of legislative debates, independent media and WikiLeaks, public trust in political institutions is in decline.

Ivan Krastev will challenge the idea that increasing transparency improves public trust in democracy, arguing that, in reality, knowing more about those who govern us means that mistrust becomes rife and democratic actions, such as voting, decrease. He will end by making the case that as total transparency is unachievable and any claim of absolute transparency should be treated with suspicion.

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