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Chatham House Primer: China’s Economy

Chatham House London, UK


Yukon Huang, Senior Associate, Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Since undertaking economic reform in 1978, China has experienced the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history: averaging GDP growth of nearly 10 percent a year to become the second largest economy in the world (by nominal GDP).

Yukon Huang will outline how this remarkable transformation has occurred, explaining some of the theories behind the key policies fuelling this growth and analysing the validity of some oft-repeated concerns and casually accepted truths about the global impact of China’s economic miracle.

The talk will cover:

  • A brief history of China’s growth story
  • Central planning vs. market forces: what has fuelled this growth?
  • China’s ‘abnormal’ economy
  • Debunking common misconceptions and perceived wisdom:
    • China's economic success is based on a massive debt bubble
    • The logic of ‘consumption driven’ growth
    • Chinese data are unreliable
    • China poses an economic threat to Europe and the US

About Chatham House Primers

The Chatham House Primer Series is a unique programme of talks designed to bridge the gap between introductory level subject knowledge and a more advanced understanding geared towards practical application, higher-level discussion and policy debate.

With each talk hosted by a leading expert, the Primer series aims to provide the audience with a solid grounding in topics of academic curiosity, key international affairs concepts and the issues behind the news.

This event will be followed by a reception open to all attendees.