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Chatham House’s Role in the Debate on International Development, 1939-1945

Chatham House, London


Giovanni Farese, Assistant Professor of Economic History, European University of Rome
Chair: Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics Department, Chatham House


Chatham House is prominently known for its contribution to foreign policy debates and discussions on international security. This is a key part of the institute’s identity but this is only part of its story: economics is intertwined with every discussion and decision on foreign policy. This event will explore Chatham House’s contribution to the international economic debate, with a special focus on the institute’s contribution to the discussion of international development. As 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, this discussion will particularly examine the years 1939-1945. This event will also provide the occasion to start a discussion on the current and future archival-based historical research at Chatham House.

This event will be held on the record.