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China and the G20: 2016 and Beyond

Chatham House, London


China has attracted considerable international attention as it undertakes preparations to become president of the G20 next year. This has coincided with a shift in China’s leadership as prominent figures have begun to take a more active role in the global theatre. In the absence of a permanent secretariat, the acting president of the G20 plays a crucial role in guiding the priorities of the agenda and can even exert influence over its institutional development. Thus, how China hosts the G20 will be a decisive manifestation of how it perceives its role in the global economic order and its own strategy towards leading global economic and financial issues.

This workshop will explore the opportunities offered to China as an emerging leader in global economic governance and within the G20 - the premier forum for international policy cooperation. Participants will examine the progress that the G20 has made towards achieving its goals, as well as the options for China as it aspires to have a greater role in global economic governance. In particular, participants will analyze how China can help develop the role of the G20 towards better global economic governance in 2016 and beyond.