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Civil Society and Community Engagement in Angola: The Role of the Anglican Church

Chatham House, London

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Dom André Soares, Anglican Bishop of Angola
Soren Kirk Jensen, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House
Chair: J. Christopher Flowers, President J.C. Flowers; Co. Founder, J.C. Flowers Foundation


The history of the various churches in Angola is intertwined with the development of civil society and community-based organizations engaged in social welfare activities, as well as in peace efforts during the civil war via the Inter-Ecclesiastical Committee for Peace in Angola (COIEPA). Alongside the longer-established Catholic Church in Angola, the Anglican Church has played a key role in the provision of services in education, healthcare and welfare. The church continues to focus on poverty reduction and community engagement as Angola faces deepening challenges of inequality and economic marginalization.

At this event Dom André Soares, the first Anglican bishop of Angola, will discuss the work of the Anglican Church in contemporary Angola and the priorities for church engagement in a post-conflict society.