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Corporate Reporting on Forest Impacts: Building on Best Practice to Promote Legal and Sustainable Supply Chains

20 October 2015 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

British Academy, London



Awareness among the private sector of the importance of considering the impact of their supply chains on forests is growing. An increasing number of companies have made commitments to reduce or eliminate deforestation linked with their supply chains and/or are reporting on their impacts or policies related to this issue. In parallel with this, there is a growing body of legislation requiring companies to report on their environmental policies and impacts in their annual reports, and to report on their carbon emissions, including those in supply chains.

However, companies face a significant challenge in establishing robust methodologies to measure forest impacts that are not too costly or time-consuming. Meanwhile, to be useful for decision-makers and regulators, such reports need to be of a sufficiently high quality and to be accessible.

A one-day discussion will be held to improve understanding of the challenges of reporting on forest impacts for companies, and to identify opportunities to raise standards and improve the use of these reports by decision-makers.