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Côte d'€Ivoire's 2015 Elections

29 September 2015 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Chatham House, London


Dr Marco Wyss, Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester
Professor Catherine Boone, Professor of Comparative Politics and African Political Economy, London School of Economics
Dr Maja Bovcon, Africa Senior Analyst, Verisk Maplecroft
Chair: Dr Alex Vines OBE, Research Director, Area Studies and International Law; Head, Africa Programme, Chatham House




Côte d’Ivoire’s presidential elections are scheduled for 25 October 2015. While the country has seen economic growth, increased investment and improved stability as it has moved away from the violence that marred the 2010 elections, outstanding issues around disarmament, security sector reforms and victor’s justice may undermine prospects for sustainable reconciliation. Developing effective policies that ensure economic gains are used to generate equitable development and opportunity is an important part of ensuring the continuation of the country’s positive trajectory.

Ahead of the upcoming elections, this meeting will examine prospects for the election process, and implications for Côte d’Ivoire’s democratic development.