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Countries in Crisis: The Role of the IMF

Chatham House, London


Vivek Arora, Deputy Director, Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF
Peter Allum, Assistant Director, Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF
Papa N'Diaye, Deputy Division Chief, Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF
Heiko Hesse, Economist, Debt Policy, Strategy, Policy and Review Department. IMF
Chair: Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House 


During the global financial crisis and the Arab Spring, the International Monetary Fund adopted a number of programmes in order to provide stability for the economies of Europe and the Middle East. The IMF recently published a review of the 32 programmes it undertook during this period to assess the role they played in stabilizing economies and the lessons they learned.
This discussion will examine key insights from the IMF’s recent interventions, how they can be applied to past and future crises, and what the implications of their study are for global financial governance going forward.
Attendance at this event is by invitation only.