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Does Britain Matter in East Asia?

Chatham House, London


Chair: Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House


Podcast: Chatham House Director Robin Niblett discusses the challenges and choices facing the UK in East Asia with Linda Yueh, chief business correspondent for BBC News; Stephen Lillie, Asia-Pacific director at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; and Shaun Breslin, associate fellow in the Chatham House Asia Programme.

Britain has a range of longstanding interests in East Asia, based on historic, commercial and military ties. The government has made strengthening bilateral relationships with emerging powers – in particular China – a central plank of its foreign policy, whilst trying to find a balance between an ambitious commercial agenda and the promotion of democracy and human rights. But while the UK has important interests it has limited influence in maintaining regional security, which is threatened by continuing tensions in the East and South China Seas and on the Korean peninsula. 

The participants will discuss these challenges, and consider how the next government can balance the UK’s sometimes competing interests in East Asia. 

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.