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Fossil Fuel Expert Roundtable: Left Stranded? Extractives-led Growth in a Carbon Constrained World

Chatham House, London, UK


The commodities boom of the last decade raised expectations internationally about the potential for growth based on developing oil, coal, gas, metals and minerals to boost economic development and alleviate poverty. The consensus among multilateral financiers and donor countries in support of ‘extractives-led growth’ flourished. Yet at the same time a different argument was gaining traction among climate scientists, researchers, insurers and large investors.

A forthcoming Chatham House research paper questions the widely held assumption that extractives will be the primary driver of economic development in low-income countries, in light of evolving global carbon constraints and increasingly compelling local arguments for low carbon development. The authors will argue that this is a critical juncture at which to explore the longer-term risks of a carbon constrained world, and will set out the key considerations and questions that new and prospective hydrocarbon producers and their advisors should be asking in order to ensure the resilience of development pathways.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.