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Fossil Fuel Expert Roundtable: Forecasting Forum 2016

Chatham House, London


The Fossil Fuels Forecasting Forum is an annual event held as part of the Fossil Fuels Expert Roundtable at Chatham House. The meeting presents the latest thinking from our senior research fellows on the dynamics that will affect fossil fuels investment and markets in the year ahead and promotes high-level discussion amongst experts.

With oil prices remaining low, the first session will investigate the drivers and structural conditions underpinning the low price environment. From OPEC market share, to the development of US shale gas, this session will assess the various factors keeping prices down and attempt to characterize the conditions and events that could influence prices in the year ahead. 

In light of the historic global climate change deal reached in Paris, the second session will examine the major factors influencing the oil industry and its financing including growing attention to the concept of climate ‘risk’, the development considerations faced by emerging producers planning to develop their fossil fuels and transition to a green economy and also the outlook for coal and coal-fired power.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.