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The Future of Nuclear Weapons in the US

Chatham House, London


Dr William Perry, Co-Founder, Nuclear Security Project, US Secretary of Defence (1994-97) and Deputy Secretary of Defence (1993–94)


Over the next three decades, the US Pentagon plans to spend $1 trillion to rebuild their nuclear weapons triad. Military commanders and civilian experts argue that nuclear weapons are used every day to deter a nuclear attack against the US and that the current stockpile needs to be replaced because they are out-of-date.

But critics, among them former defence secretary William Perry, say the defence department is duplicating what it had during the Cold War and that one leg of the triad - land-based nuclear tipped missiles - should be phased out.

At this event, Dr Perry will discuss the future of nuclear weapons in the US building on his new book, My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, detailing his role and experience in trying to contain the nuclear era and how his thinking has evolved regarding the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.