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'Grandfathering' FTAs: What Might Appear Bilateral Is In Fact Trilateral

29 November 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Chatham House, London


Dr Michael Gasiorek, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Sussex, Managing Director of Interanalysis; Member, UK Trade Policy Observatory
Andrew Hood, Senior Director, Dechert LLP 
Dr Peter Holmes, Reader in Economics, University of Sussex; Director, CARIS and InterAnalysis; Member, UK Trade Policy Observatory
Chair: Professor Jim Rollo CMG, Deputy Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory, University of Sussex; Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance Department, Chatham House



Michael Gasiorek will present the UKTPO’s latest briefing paper on 'grandfathering'. The EU currently has free trade agreements with over 60 countries. When the UK leaves the EU, the UK will no longer be a party to these agreements yet they account for over 15 per cent of total UK imports and exports. The government's position is that it intends to  roll these agreements over - known as 'grandfathering' - so that they continue to apply to the UK and so that existing producers and consumers are not negatively affected. The government has also indicated that the existing partner countries are willing to do this.  
Dr Michael Gasiorek will outline why 'grandfathering' is important, why it may be tricky to achieve and why even if the agreements could be rolled-over there is likely to be an impact on UK, EU and free trade area producers and consumers. A key theme that will arise is that what might appear to be a bilateral issue of rolling over between the UK and an FTA partner, is in fact a trilateral issue which also includes the EU. 
Andrew Hood will then focus on addressing the legal issues of 'grandfathering'.
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