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How Can Technology be Used to Fight Corruption?

17 November 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Chatham House, London


Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology University (ITU); Vice Chancellor and Chairman, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)

Susie Lonie, Specialist in Emerging Market Financial Services; Creator, M-PESA

Chair: Peter Van Veen, Programme Director, Business Integrity Programme, Transparency International UK



More than 6 billion people live in countries with a serious corruption problem, according to Transparency International. It has also been estimated by the campaigning and advocacy group ONE, that poor countries lose 1 trillion USD a year to corruption. As a result, some entrepreneurs have been trying to fight corruption through innovation and technology.

The panellists will discuss their own innovative models for fighting corruption such as platforms that allow the public to report instances of corruption and basic mobile financial services which encourage transparency of financial transactions.

The panel will also discuss the challenges associated with using technology to fight corruption. What happens when digital platforms or records are compromised? How much can we rely on technology to support anti-corruption efforts?

This event is now full and registration is now closed. An audio recording will be made available on the website shortly after the event.