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Influencing Brexit: How Can Leavers Ensure They Are Not Left Behind?

30 March 2017 - 18:00 to 19:15

Chatham House, London


Rt Hon Theresa Villiers, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party
Tim Martin, Chairman, JD Wetherspoons
Kelvin Hopkins, Member of Parliament,  Labour Party
Gerard Batten, Member of the European Parliament, UKIP Spokesperson on Brexit
Chair: Thomas Raines, Research Fellow and Programme Manager, Europe Programme, Chatham House



The House of Commons voted in February to begin negotiations on triggering Article 50 – the formal process by which the UK will leave the EU. Theresa May and the government have advocated for a Brexit which will see the UK exit the EU single market and its Customs Union while restricting EU migration. But with Brexit being mapped out by a government, many of whom campaigned to remain, does the current strategy reflect the will of Leave voters and the promises of those politicians and public voices that campaigned to leave?

This event will examine the direction of the exit process since the referendum from the perspective of Leave supporters and campaigners. What kind of Brexit could produce the sovereignty of law, reduced immigration, stronger border controls and economic independence that formed the central pillars of the different Leave campaigns? How can those not in government ensure that domestic spending promises referenced during the referendum are kept? And crucially, what tools are available to those that campaigned for Leave to ensure that they can hold to account those responsible for implementing Brexit?

This event will be livestreamed and a recording will be made available shortly after the event has taken place.