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Islam, Women and Politics

10 March 2015 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Chatham House, London


Dr Sanam Vakil, Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna

Najah Al-Osaimi, Columnist, Saudi Gazette

Dr Maha Azzam, Associate Fellow, Middle East and Africa Programme, Chatham House (2002-15)

Intissar Kherigi, President, Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations

Chair: Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News



The panel will examine the nature of women’s political participation in the Middle East and North Africa amid the rising prominence of Islam in political discourse. In particular, the speakers will discuss developments in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and explore how the shifting political and social norms in these countries may affect women’s prospects for political participation. The panellists will also consider the political participation of European Muslim women.

This event is held in association with the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

This is an Under 35s Forum event. The event will be followed by a reception.