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Life After the Fall of the Soviet Union: Assessing the Future of the Region

13 December 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Chatham House, London


Arkady Ostrovsky, Russia and Eastern Europe Editor, The Economist
Anna Reid, Author, Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine

Chair: James Nixey, Head, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House



2016 marks 25 years since the fall of the Soviet Union and the beginning of independence for former USSR states. To mark this anniversary, the panel will reflect on the transition of the Soviet states to becoming independent countries and assess the political, economic and cultural changes within the region over the last 25 years.

The panel will also discuss Russian attempts to reassert dominance over ex-soviet states. How strong is the idea of a Soviet Union and what are Russia’s future plans for the region?