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A Look Back at Davos

29 January 2018 - 12:30pm to 1:00pm



Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director, Chatham House



The theme of this year’s World Economic Forum is ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’. Against the backdrop of this stated aim, Dr Robin Niblett analyses the key themes and discussions held over the four days of the meeting.

Donald Trump will be the first sitting US present to visit the meeting since Bill Clinton in 2000. Following last year’s keynote speech by President Xi that advocated increased leadership on the world stage by emerging powers, was President Trump able to reassert the importance of the US’s international leadership? Did he try to? How did Trump’s language at his first Davos speech marry with his election campaign criticism of political and economic elites? And what were some of the less headline-grabbing but equally important interventions made by other leaders during the forum?

Please note, this event is online only. Members can watch webinars from a computer or other internet-ready device and do not need to come to Chatham House to attend.

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