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Mauritania’s Domestic Dynamics and Regional Relations

Chatham House, London


Dahane Ahmed Mahmoud, Executive Director, Mauritanian Institute for Strategic Studies
Chair: David Styan, Lecturer in Politics, Birkbeck, University of London


Mauritania is a key player in regional arrangements, linking North African states to their West African counterparts through the country’s membership of both the Arab Maghreb Union and the Sahel G5. Recent engagement with ECOWAS in mediation talks in the Gambia, as well as the proposed Trans Africa Pipeline intended to carry fresh water across 11 countries to Djibouti, signal the government’s ambitions to further Mauritania's role in regional security and development. Domestically, gas discoveries provide the government with an opportunity to address structural, social and economic inequality, whilst also adapting to increased climate vulnerability from rising sea levels and desertification.

At this event, Dahane Ahmed Mahmoud, executive director of the Mauritanian Institute for Strategic Studies, will discuss Mauritania’s political and economic context, and the challenges that the country faces in balancing its complex relations across various regional blocs.