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The MENA Region After the Iran Nuclear Deal

19 November 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Chatham House, London


HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar (2007-13); Foreign Minister (1992-2013)
Chair: Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director, Chatham House



The Iran nuclear deal marks a potential shift in the future geopolitics of the MENA region. As Iran moves to capitalize on the prospective normalization of its international trade relations, questions remain over the implications for the regional balance of power at a time of heightened insecurity and unrest.

As the region continues to deal with the aftermath of the Arab uprisings, the former prime minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, will outline his views on the evolving political and economic landscape. He will explore ways in which the Iran nuclear deal might alter alliances across Arab countries; assess the effect of sustained low oil prices on the future power dynamics in the Middle East; and suggest ways in which key regional players can find common ground to combat the rise of ISIS.

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