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New Dynamics in GCC-UK Relations and the Prospects and Challenges for the GCC Union

12 June 2014 09:00 to 13 June 2014 17:00

Chatham House, London



Significant policy challenges confront the Gulf Cooperation Council states and the United Kingdom in their response to the unprecedented turbulence in the MENA region. A shared interest in regional peace and stability underpins a strong GCC-UK relationship, but their conceptions of the factors that support stability – and the policies that result – are not always in concert with one another. This workshop brought together a number of analysts, government representatives, academics and journalists to discuss the relationship between Gulf Cooperation Council states and the United Kingdom, its future development amid changing regional dynamics and the prospects for a Gulf union. Participants focused on steps that can be taken by both sides to identify areas of fruitful collaboration and to better understand areas of difference.

The workshop was held in partnership with the Gulf Research Center.