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The North Korean Nuclear Question: A View From South Korea

Chatham House, London


Professor Chung-in Moon, Ambassador-at-Large, International Security Affairs, South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Chair: Dr John Nilsson-Wright,Senior Research Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House


President Moon Jae-in was elected in May on a platform which promised greater engagement with Pyongyang. However, as tensions have risen, he has made it clear that South Korea will never tolerate North Korea as a nuclear state, nor will Seoul pursue its own nuclear weapons in response.

Professor Chung-in Moon will discuss the nature of North Korea’s nuclear threat and the response it has engendered from the new South Korean government. Professor Moon will analyse President Moon’s countervailing strategies which focus on dialogue and negotiation, sanctions and pressure, deterrence and missile defence as well as Moon’s so-called ‘Three Nos’ policy for North Korea: no nukes, no military actions and no regime change or unification by absorption. Professor Moon will end by presenting his personal suggestions to resolve the North Korea nuclear problem.