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Paris Climate Summit: How to Cut Emissions by Changing Diets

19 November 2015 - 11:00 to 12:00

Chatham House, London



When countries gather in Paris on 30 November, there will be confidence that a global climate change agreement can be reached. Yet current pledges will see emissions 21 billion tonnes higher than they should be by 2050 to keep warming below the dangerous threshold of two degrees Celsius. Governments must find credible ways to close this gap.

A forthcoming Chatham House report, to be published on 24 November, will show how worldwide adoption of a diet less rich in meat could close the gap by a quarter. While the livestock sector accounts for 15 per cent of global emissions its significance is neglected by governments, and public awareness of its contribution to climate change is worryingly low.

The speakers will share the outcomes of a 14-month research project on public attitudes and awareness regarding meat and dairy consumption and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions. They will also discuss what to expect from Paris and put forward recommendations for how governments can engage the public and start closing the emissions gap.

Attendees will receive an embargoed copy and have the opportunity to discuss the findings with the authors. Coffee will be served from 10:30–11:00.

This event is being held in partnership with the Foreign Press Association and is for journalists only.