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The Politics of Twitter



Dr Constance Duncombe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland, Australia


Twitter has been implicated in a number of moments of transformative change over the last few years. From the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ to Iran’s use of Twitter to interact with the US and UK and, most prominently, President Trump’s use of the platform both during his election campaign and in office.

This webinar aims to understand the rise of Twitter as a platform for political and diplomatic engagement. How might social media act as an agent of change in the political sphere? Has the Trump presidency in particular changed the way that diplomacy is conducted? And how do social media posts by state representatives reflect and frame state identity?

Please note, this event is online only. Members will be able to watch the webinar from a computer or other internet-ready device and do not need to come to Chatham House to attend.