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Primary Healthcare Policy, UHC & Health Security in Nigeria: Optimizing Global Opportunities for Success

Chatham House, London

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With almost a fifth of Africa’s population, the continent’s largest economy, Nigeria, is widely regarded as one of the region’s most strategically important countries. Despite the recent notable improvements in its public health system evidenced, for example, by the effective management of the Ebola outbreak, there remain considerable challenges. Many factors including limited access to basic healthcare and insufficient coordination, cohesion and accountability continue to militate against sustainable health improvements, causing significant health inequalities to persist.

However, with its wealth of resources and the progress it has made on many fronts in recent years, including effective leadership in health, there is hope for accelerated development in the years to come. The current government’s focus on revitalizing primary health care as the cornerstone of a stronger and resilient public health system, and a means to attainment of UHC,  heralds positive and sustainable public health improvements in the country. To optimize the societal benefits of this however, the country must leverage its global relationships and build partnerships of ‘critical friends’ to maximize global opportunities and to aid its policy efforts and initiatives.

This one-day event, organized by the Chatham House Public Health Africa Policy Forum in conjunction with the Public Health Foundation of Nigeria and FPH UK, will bring together high-level policymakers and government officials from Nigeria with global health partners and stakeholders to discuss the current policy landscape and offer viable solutions and also build collaborative partnerships in order to harness successful improvements. In addition to hearing from senior representatives of the Nigerian government, participants will also have the opportunity to hear about the work of global health partners and organizations.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.