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Protecting the 'New Silk Road': What Role for the Private Sector?

20 February 2018 - 12:30pm to 1:00pm



Dr Alessandro Arduino, Co-Director, Security & Crisis Management, International Centre, Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS-UNITO)
Chair: Andrew Cainey, Associate Fellow, Asia Programme and Global Economy and Finance, Chatham House



President Xi Jinping has placed huge political capital behind the 'Belt and Road' initiative. The initiative which seeks to link China to more than 60 countries through infrastructure projects and trade agreements with the aim of boosting economic growth across the whole continent.

China commits $150 billion a year to ensuring the success of this ambition with an estimated $900 billion in reserve for developing projects.

However, this revival of the ancient 'Silk Road' brings with it risks for Chinese companies which are operating abroad for the first time, such as terrorism, fraud and the threat of kidnapping. What steps has China taken to protect its capital, companies and investments against these emerging risks?

Alessandro Arduino explores the role that Chinese private security companies now play in protecting people and property involved in 'Belt and Road' projects. The great economic and geographic reach of the belt runs through Central Asia to Pakistan, stretching to the Somali coast.

What is the reality for Chinese companies operating on the ground in these countries? How is this impacting the nature of their economic investment? And what is being done to mitigate cultural, legal and security issues these companies face?

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