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Putting Gender-Equality on the G20 Agenda: Views from Beijing

3 August 2015 - 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Ernst Young Hua Ming LLP, Ernst & Young Tower, Beijing



As the risk of long-term low growth rates persists, the G20 should strive towards a gender-balanced economy as a fresh policy alternative to boost growth. Such a plan should not only be seen as a reactionary policy to crises, rather it should be embraced as a mechanism to encourage domestic and global competition, enhance and strengthen G20 economies, and further increase the labour force, which is particularly critical for countries with ageing populations.

This event is part of a research project piloted by the International Economics Department at Chatham House, entitled ‘Putting Gender-Equality on the G20 Agenda’.  The objective of this initiative is to promote gender-balanced economics as a modern policy model to promote economic growth within the G20. The meeting will offer the opportunity to explore potential recommendations for the G20 to consider.

This event is by invitation only.