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Research Event

Putting Gender-Equality on the G20 Agenda: Views from Milan

Banca Intesa, Milan

International Economics Department, Putting Gender Equality on the G20 Agenda


The meeting will offer the opportunity to explore potential recommendations for the G20 to consider, focussing on the 120/2011 Golfo-Mosca law also known as the ‘pink quotas’. Participants will examine how the law has impacted gender equality and gender-inclusive growth in Italy. The discussion will then explore whether quotas are a desirable and compatible mechanism for other G20 countries and possible alternatives.

This event is part of a research project piloted by the International Economics Department at Chatham House, entitled ‘Putting Gender-Equality on the G20 Agenda’. The objective of this initiative is to promote gender-balanced economics as a modern policy model to promote economic growth within the G20.

This event is by invitation only.