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Reducing Poverty: The Case for Universal Health Care

Chatham House, London


Tedros Adhanom, Director General Elect, World Health Organization (Via Skype Connection)
Helen Clark ONZ PC, Prime Minister, New Zealand (1999-2008); Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (2009-17)
Amartya Sen, Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University; Nobel Prize, Economics (1998)
Chair: Pam Das, Senior Executive Editor, The Lancet


Around the world, hundreds of millions of people remain unable to access adequate, affordable healthcare. Using India as a case study - where every year around 60 million Indians are pushed into poverty by having to pay directly for vital health services - this event will discuss the consequences for global development of countries not providing universal health coverage.

The panellists will analyse and suggest policies which could improve future access to health services for countries like India that are looking to implement health reforms and in turn reduce poverty. They will also assess the implications for India and comparable nations should adequate provision for universal health coverage not be made.