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Renewing the Political Class in Ukraine: How to Open Up the System for New Political Parties

Chatham House, London


Mary O’Hagan, Resident Senior Director, National Democratic Institute, Kyiv
Mustafa Nayyem, Member of Parliament, Petro Poroshenko Block, member of Democratic Alliance Party


A small number of new MPs with background in civil society and the private sector was voted into the Ukrainian parliament in 2014.

Their entry into politics was facilitated by long-established political parties with connections to various interest groups.

Recently, new political parties have declared their ambition to participate in the next parliamentary elections (in 2019) aiming to tap into the popular demand for more reforms.

The panellists will discuss possible ways of reinforcing multi-party democracy in Ukraine and what the appearance of new political parties on the scene could mean for Ukraine’s future trajectory.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.